Micklethwaites - PDE photos

During WW2, my father, Frank Micklethwaite (1916-1977), was a photographer at the Projectile Development Establishment (PDE) at Aberporth in West Wales. I guess that makes me the son of a rocket scientist! At the end of the war, Britain, America and Russia took part in a scramble (exceedingly dirty at times!) to get access to the rocket technology the Germans used in the V2 (A4) rocket. As part of their effort, the British organised test firings of 3 V2 rockets in Operation Backfire which involved thousands of German and British personnel. My father was sent from Aberporth to Germany to photograph the events. Some of his photographs appear below, but they are all on Tracy Dungan's excellent V2rocket site. Can you identify any of the others? If so, please let me know on the contact form.

Group in B mess

My father is on the right, Dr John Brittain on the left, Jo Salmon in the centre in this photo of PDE personnel at B mess in Cuxhaven. Dr Brittain was killed in an air crash at Chelsham in Surrey in 1946. Mr Salmon was killed in an explosion at the Rocket Propulsion Establishment in 1947.

Group by signpost

Group of PDE personnel by a signpost to Bederkesa, my father on the left, Miss Marie Verpoort second from the right

2 soldiers by V2

2 unknown British personnel by a V2 rocket

2 more soldiers by V2

2 more.

Group on V2

Unknown people sitting on a V2 rocket